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Let our Entryway & Foyer lights help you create the welcoming and bright entry you desire. Find stylish pendants, chandeliers, flush mounts or wall sconces in a traditional or transitionary or contemporary style contained in this collection. If you want some crystal, glass, metal or wooden decorations which would fit any style of décor – here they are!

Frequently Asked Questions about Entryway & Foyer Lighting

How do I choose the right size fixture for my entryway or foyer?

When selecting a lighting fixture, consider the dimensions of your space and the ceiling height. Generally, entryways and foyers look best with a fixture that's proportional to the size of the room. Our product descriptions include sizing details to help you choose the appropriate size.

What types of lighting fixtures are included in this Entryway & Foyer collection?

Our collection features a curated selection of chandeliers, pendants, flush mounts, wall sconces, and semi-flush mount lights designed to illuminate your home's entryway and foyer areas elegantly.

Do you provide installation instructions or services?

Detailed installation instructions are included with each product listing. While we don't offer professional installation services, our knowledgeable support team can provide guidance. For complex installations, consulting a qualified electrician is recommended.