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Golden Glow Bedside Bedroom Table Lamp

Golden Glow Bedside Bedroom Table Lamp

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  • Description
  • Elevate your ambiance with our Contemporary Linen Fabric Table Lamp, where style meets sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its linen fabric exudes a timeless charm, casting a soft, inviting glow that transforms any space into a haven of warmth and elegance. Embrace the beauty of contemporary design and let this lamp become the focal point of your decor, illuminating not just your room but also your soul with its radiant, emotional glow.

      Product Details

      Lamp Body Material: Metal+ Cloth Art
      Design Style: Modern
      Shade Shape: Round
      Control Mode: Switch Control
      Input Voltage(V): DC 6V
      Product Size: D30*H59CM
      Application: Good for your bedroom, hotels, and study room

      Effortless Control: Seamlessly adjust your lighting to match your mood with the convenient switch control feature. With a simple touch, transform your room's ambiance and create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

      Gentle Illumination: Operating on a gentle DC 6V, this table lamp offers a luminous flux of 110 lm, providing ample brightness without overwhelming the space. Its luminous efficiency of 75 lm/w ensures a balanced and soothing illumination.

      Customized Brightness: Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the lamp's brightness to your preference. The dimmer support feature allows you to tailor the light output, creating a cozy environment in your living room, bedroom, or hotel room.

      Versatile Application: Designed for various spaces, this lamp finds its perfect spot in living rooms, bedrooms, and hotels. Its adaptability and elegant design make it a versatile addition to any room, enhancing the overall aesthetic and ambiance.

      Modern Elegance: Beyond its functionality, this lamp adds a touch of modern elegance to your space. Its sleek design and adjustable features enhance your decor, making it an essential element in your contemporary living. Experience the fusion of practicality and style, transforming your room into a haven of sophistication and comfort.

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